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Selections™ Designer Garage Doors

Selections Designer Garage door

Reliance Door Service now manufactures its own range of quality Designer garage doors. We understand our customers want choice when it comes to the look of their garage door and that the desire to showcase the individual style of your home is important.

With a huge range of styles to choose from, we know there is a Selections™ Designer Garage Door perfect for you.

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Panel/Section Garage Doors

Panel/Section Garage door

We have a range of panel/section garage doors to choose from including classic, contemporary & caprice.

Panel/Section garage doors offer a sleek and modern look to your garage. Take a look today at our great range.

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Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Door

The Roller Door revolutionised the way garage doors operated when it was first invented, and is still, today an extremely popular choice.

Available in a huge range of Colorbond ® colours, Colour Range Brochure, the appeal of a roller door is that it rolls straight up into itself, leaving very little but the roll itself showing above the door opening when fully opened.

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Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt Garage Door

At Reliance Door Service, we manufacture our own tilt-type garage doors which can be fitted on traditional "J" fittings or on "track" fittings (where space allows). As you can see from the photographs on this page, a Tilt-type garage door can give your home a modern look if you choose a modern building material.

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