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To keep your garage door equipment in tip top running order, it is important to think about having your door professionally serviced by a suitably qualified company. Here at Reliance Door Service, we recommend your garage door equipment be serviced at least annually... after all, the humble garage door usually does a lot of work opening and closing several times a day, and needs a bit of care to ensure it continues to work well for you.

If you would like to book your equipment in for a service, or would just like more information, please call our office on 1300 280 620 and ask to be put through to Sue in our Service Department.

Lost your handset? Need a replacement? Give us a call - we have many brands in stock and can usually help you find the replacement you need. If you don't know what brand your remote is, don't panic. If you can describe the shape, size and colour of your missing or broken handset, we'll know what brand it is.

For these and other replacement parts for your garage door, phone 1300 280 620 and ask for Sue.